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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Come Out, Come Out Wherever You Are

Hi lovelies!

You might have noticed that it's been particularly quiet around here for a while now. I promise I haven't vanished into the night. But I have realized that maintaining two blogs with my schedule just isn't possible. So I've made the decision to combine everything into one.

You can still expect the sporadic posts over here, but for the majority of new content, you will now find me at: You can find teasers, release dates, cover reveals, and blog tour news for both my fantasy and contemporary novels at this new address. You'll also find book reviews, guest posts, and more from young adult authors and beyond.

Posts are clearly marked with a hashtag to help you decide which posts fall within your preferred genre and which aren't your thing. Hashtags are: #youngadult, #newadult, #romance, #erotica, #fantasy. You'll also find additional hashtags like #review (for a review) or #giveaway (for a giveaway). Pretty simple. :)

As with this blog, you have the option to subscribe so new posts hit your inbox. You can also subscribe to my author newsletter, delivered no more than twice a month, with highlights, important announcements, contests, and more!

I hope to see you at the new blog. <3



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