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Standalone Titles



Erotic Romance/Suspense

"The plot is exquisitely suspenseful, and never tiresome. She keeps the pace going, while still setting beautiful scenes." - Elizabeth Roderick, Author of Love or Money and The Hustle

All Ivy Kendall ever wanted to do was teach...but then a missing college student changed everything. Now she's in a race against the clock to prove her innocence and find the person responsible for stealing her identity and destroying her life.

Forced to dive headfirst into the mystery to clear her name, the last thing Ivy should be thinking about is falling for Cameron Lewis, the bossy alpha detective tasked with finding out the truth. But he's relentless, and the last thing she wants to do is tell him no.

Lucky for her, Cam is more than willing to break a few rules to help her uncover the truth before she ends up in prison for a crime she didn't commit. All he wants in return is her heart.

As the evidence against her piles up and the intense attraction between her and the tattooed detective deepens, Ivy wants nothing more than to lean on him. She already trusts him with her body. Now she has to find the courage to trust him with her heart…and her freedom.

Can she and Cam unravel the mystery before it's too late, or will the dangerous catfish lurking in the shadows take more than just one life?

All Over You is a standalone sister novel to the All Falls Down duo, and can be read without reading the All Falls Down duo. 

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Erotica Collection

Come Undone (and other steamy stories) is a collection of sexy, sensual short stories for the lover in all of us. Come along with bestselling author Ayden K. Morgen on a journey into the sensual with five sexy tales of love and lust.
This steamy collection features delicious heroes from every romantic genre...from a dirty talking Southern boy to a dangerous Lycan king...and the women who love them.
Come Undone - When Dylan Sawyer overheard a wistful Amelia Wilson tell her roommates how much she wished just one of the men who call the adult hotline she operates actually cared about her fantasies, he couldn't resist giving her a call. Now he has to find a way to untangle the web he wove and win the woman who makes his heart race…before he loses her for good.
Lighting Up the Sky - Colton Rivers would do anything for his beautiful wife. Unfortunately for him, he just can't tame the weather. But he can take her mind off the storms raging outside. Tornado weather doesn't stand a chance against this devoted husband.
Wicked - The only thing Olivia Garrett wants for her birthday is Adrian Garcia. Lucky for her, he has plans that'll leave them both breathless and satisfied.
Ripple - When Catriona Gallant falls for the immortal and mysterious Eli, she learns that death isn't always the end. Sometimes, it's only the beginning.
Crave - Trey Cloyes may be a Lycan king, but the only thing he really wants is Trinity Piper…his enemy's daughter and the only woman who has ever made him crave something more.
Bonus Story: The Years Between Us - All Hope Tollison wanted was for Logan Redfield to be her first kiss. Instead, he may just be her first heartbreak...
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Erotic Short

After four months of falling for Ava Cameron, Noah Maxwell has finally found the nerve to tell her how he really feels about her. But when the words come tumbling out of his mouth over an intimate dinner, they aren't at all what he intended to stay. His confession sounds like nothing more than an attempt to get her out of her clothes and into his bed.

Now faced with losing Ava for good, Noah has to find the courage to tell her the truth. Can he do it or will his fumbling ruin everything?

Now available from Cobblestone Press.
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