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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: #FALL (The Ragnarok Prophesies: Book Two)

Hello, my loves!

Could that be? Is Ayden really updating her blog?

I know, y'all. I suck at this whole doing fifteen different things at once thang, but I promise my long silence has been for good reason.

I've been busily chipping away at FALL (Book Two). I finished the book several weeks ago, and have spent the last several weeks going over it again and again, driving my pre-readers insane, ignoring the hubby, etc. And I've done as much as I can do without another set of eyes. So FALL is officially with the B.E.E. (best editor ever, aka Krystal Wade, for those just tuning in)!

I thought a teaser would be a nice way to celebrate. What say you?

           "Let's hope the pack finds them this time."

            My eyes widened, shock rippling through me. "You sent the pack after them?"



"Because they're mine to command," he said, almost dismissively.

            "Since when?"

            "Since Sköll and Hati appeared. Since Dani died. Take your pick."

            "They're already in danger because of us, Dace," I said, speaking as calmly as I could. I wanted to shake him. He knew the pack wouldn't find Sköll and Hati out there, but the hunters could find them. Since when did he risk their lives so recklessly? So carelessly?

            "And you almost died because of Sköll and Hati. I want them dead."

            "At the expense of Kalei and Buka? Of Fuki?" I demanded, stunned.

            He looked at me, his jaw set. "If that's what it takes."

            "You don't mean that."

"Don't I?" he asked, and then shrugged a shoulder. "I didn't ask for this war, Arionna. Sköll and Hati did. I'm doing what needs to be done to keep you safe. Don't ask me for more than that."

"Then don't ask me to watch our friends die so I can live."

"I'm not asking you," he said, rising to his feet. "I'm telling you: I'm not letting them get near you again, no matter what it takes."

"And I'm telling you, I won't let you risk our friends for me," I snapped back, infuriated he could even think that was an option. It wasn't, not by a long shot.

"That’s their choice, not yours."

"You can’t do this, Dace. Dammit."

"I’ll do whatever I have to do, love. And so will Geri."

"Then I’ll do whatever I have to do to stop both of you," I warned him.

He eyed me for a moment and then shrugged again. "Fine."

* * *

Ruh-roh! Looks like there might be a wee bit of trouble brewing between these two. Ari standing up to Dace gives me the warm and fuzzies. She has spirit! I like it. :)

I will see you again soon with all sorts of updates about the other things I've been doing lately, and lots of pictures of my new companion. You guys will love him!


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