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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Teaser Tuesday: The Teplo Files

Hi lovelies!

Welcome to another installment of Teaser Tuesday! This teaser is from Ravish, or Revelations... I haven't quite decided on the official title yet. Either way, this story is a lot spicier than the Ragnarok Prophesies. It's a risque crime thriller, and it's probably one of my all-time favorite stories simply because so much went into writing it. I slaved over the research into Mexican cartels, and did a lot of arguing with everyone under the sun to keep it as realistic as possible. I think it paid off. The story is an intense ride through the grim reality of drug trafficking and addiction.

You don't see much of that research in this little teaser, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. :)

"Does it still hurt?" Alison asked.

"Not so much," Lillian said, noticing for the first time how she massaged her leg. She leaned back against the lumpy pillow, frowning. "I shouldn't have tried to twist like that."

"I'm sorry." Ali shot her a sympathetic smile.

"Me too," Lillian sighed.

"You know he's still in rehab." Ali slid the hair-tie from her hair and quickly redid the messy bun, not looking at Lillian.

"I know."

Lillian would never dance again. She might not ever walk normally again. And Marc got sentenced to rehab. It wasn’t fair, but Lillian didn't cry over it anymore. She couldn't. Being bitter didn't change anything. And hating Marc wouldn't make her feel better.

Sometimes, when she tried really hard, she actually believed that.

"What happened with this Tristan guy, Lil?" Ali asked.

Lillian bit her lip, and then sighed. "I met him at Teplo and things got . . . physical." Her cheeks burned. "I actually thought I liked him. And then he confronted me tonight, demanding to know who hired me, and if they paid me to let him . . . . I feel so stupid!"

"You aren't stupid."

"Aren't I?" Lillian blew out a breath and glanced over at her friend. "I had to find out from a complete stranger that the guy I . . . I let do things to me in the middle of a club is a DEA agent. I didn't even know his last name, and I almost slept with him!"

"Why did you?" Alison asked, not prying for more information into what Lillian meant by things. "I mean, I've known you a long time, Lil, and you don't do things like that. Why was he different?"

Wasn't that the million dollar question?

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  1. Thanks for the tease! I like the name Ravish for the story. I think it would fit very well with the concept.

    Hope you are having a good night. :-)


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