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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Blog Takeover: Change Angel Aloshua has a Special Request.

Hi loves,

Today, I've turned over my blog to my eight year old nephew, Aloshua, who has a very special request for us.

My name is Aloshua and I am eight years old.


When I was born, I was very sick, so my doctor sent me to Arkansas Children’s Hospital.
For the last eight years, ACH has been my second home. I’ve had 23 surgeries there, and spent almost my whole first three years there! But I’m not scared when I go to ACH because I know my doctors and nurses are going to take great care of me. They know me by name and they always give me my favorite stickers. My mommy calls me a miracle, but I think ACH is a miracle, too. They helped me get better when so many kids like me don’t!


Mommy always tells me how important it is to help take care of others kids who are sick like me, so every year, I help collect change for the hospital. They use it to make sure that all kids get the care they need, even if their family doesn’t have all the money to pay for it. Being sick is scary. It makes me happy to know that I helped make it a little less scary for kids like me and their families.


You can help make it less scary, too! When you support me with a donation to Arkansas Children’s Hospital, you’ll be making a life-saving difference for kids just like me.

Your spare change helps the hospital do great things for all the little kids who need their help.
Every dollar you give is meaningful!

Consider giving:
$27 the cost of 10 aluminum finger splints
$50 the cost of an infant blood pressure cuff
$78 the cost of 6 pairs of child crutches
$150 the cost of an IV pole
$250 the cost of one day’s worth of diapers
You can make a difference just like me. Just enter your donation amount to the left and help me change lives!

Thank you,

*To make a donation please visit Aloshua’s fundraising page on the Change Angels website. Thank you to all of those who have supported him thus far!

Ayden's Note:

How sweet is he?! If you'd like to help but don't want to donate online, you can tape a penny to a postcard and mail it to Aloshua at: Team Losh, PO Box 982, Bald Knob, AR, 72010. All pennies received by March 7th will be donated during the Change Angels radio-thon at Arkansas Children's Hospital on March 7, 2014.

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