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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Stricken

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

I'm a few pages shy of finishing revisions for Stricken (yay!) so I thought I'd share another little teaser with all of you.

Aubrey swallowed. "I'm sorry," she whispered, cracking her eyes open to look at Killian.
He stood several feet away, seemingly torn between coming closer to comfort her and staying where he was. Remorse and regret filled his eyes, spilling over into his torn expression.
"I didn't mean what I said. I'm just scared," she said. "Everything is changing and I don't know why or how I feel or what to do."
"That's what life is, Aubrey," he responded, his expression shifting from remorse to sympathy. "It changes. You change."
"I wish it'd stop for a minute and let me catch my breath," she muttered, swiping at the tears on her cheeks.
Killian laughed, his voice bouncing back to her in melodic echoes. The tension between them dissipated and he stepped closer once again. "Trust me, time standing still isn't all it's cracked up to be."
"What's it like?" she asked as he leaned back against the side of the car.
"Living forever?" he asked, a small smile on his lips.
Aubrey nodded.
"Lonely." His smile faded.
"You've never had a girlfriend?" she asked, feeling her cheeks heat with the question.
Killian shook his head again. "It's not like that for us."
"Oh." Aubrey turned that over in her mind. "Do the Fallen marry?"
"Not like you mean. When an angel falls in love, a bond grows between him and his mate. It never goes away." His eyes were wide and serious as he stared at her. "Even if his mate does."
The way he looked at her so earnestly, so… sadly… stole her breath. She felt as if he were trying to tell her something. Something that terrified her and didn't terrify her enough.


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