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Monday, December 22, 2014

Myth or Monster Monday: Tolkien's Middle-Earth #mythology

Happy Monday, lovelies!

Now that the Fall Into Fantasy Tour is over, I figured it was time to dive right back into Myth or Monster Monday. And we're starting with one of my favorite places: Middle Earth!

With so many different groups coming to power in England over the years, quite a lot of the early traditions, beliefs, and legends were lost. Middle Earth was, in part, an attempt by Tolkien to fill that void. Thanks to the unique relationship between early English groups and the Nordic people, quite a lot of what Tolkien came up with is based on Norse mythology.

He managed to create quite a complex world that continues to fascinate. But keeping his world and its inhabitants straight can be difficult unless you dive into The Silmarillion, which you definitely should read if you're a Tolkien fan. :) 

In the meantime, CGP Grey has broken down the mythology in layman terms in a four minute video. Check it out below. :) 

You can explore more of Tolkien's mythology via the Lord of the Rings Gateway here.


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