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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Devour Me Cover Reveal and ARC Sign-Up

In DEVOUR ME, a new forbidden romance, single father Roman Gregory learns that rules were meant for breaking…

Don't get caught.
Never fall in love.
And steer clear of his daughter's friends.

The rules were easy enough for Roman Gregory...until Mila Lawson set out to break every single one of them.

When the twenty-two year old lands on the ATF agent's doorstep after a nasty breakup, he knows all too well that she's off-limits. At thirty-eight, he's almost twice her age, she's hurting, and the blonde bombshell is his daughter's best friend.

Mila knows all about wanting what she can't have. For four years, she's lusted after Talia McPherson's scary hot, terminally single father from afar. After walking away from her cheating ex and what she thought was her happily-ever-after, the last thing on her mind is jumping into a new relationship.

Until she find herself living with Roman in Santa Cruz...

Now all she can think about is making all those dirty fantasies come to life. With nothing left to lose, she makes him an offer he can't refuse: Two weeks of no-holds-barred sex. No strings. No commitments. No messy emotions.

Roman has no business agreeing to her insane proposition. He can't have her. He shouldn't even want her. But he's going to take her anyway… and he has no intentions of stopping until she's his completely.

If there's one thing Roman knows for a fact, it's that he doesn't lose. Ever.

DEVOUR ME is the first of three steamy novellas featuring Mila and Roman.

DEVOUR ME will be available March 15, 2019. The second and third books (DESTROY ME and DEFEND ME) will release of April 15th, and May 15th, respectively.

Pre-Order Devour Me for .99C on AMAZON!

Book Bloggers and Book Lovers: Are you interested in reviewing Devour Me?!Request an ARC! ARCs will be sent out on February 15, 2019.

"Are you drunk, Mila?" My cock is so hard it hurts. I want to slip inside her, lose myself in her soft little body. But I want her stone cold sober when it happens. In every fantasy I've ever had, she's been right there with me, stroke for stroke. I want her drunk on me and what I do to her, not on anything else.

"No. Yes." She laughs quietly, tipping her head back to look at me over her shoulder. Her pupils are dilated, her expression soft and open. "I needed liquid courage."

"Why?" I turn her in my arms with my hand around her waist until she's facing me, her body flush against mine. My cock presses insistently against her hip, but she doesn't seem to mind. If she notices at all, she doesn't comment on it or push me away. Taking her wine glass from her, I set it on the railing beside the empty wine bottle.

She tilts her head back to meet my gaze.

"Tell me why, Mila."

Her teeth sink into her bottom lip. Hesitation slides through those green eyes. A trembling breath rushes from her mouth, more excitement and nervousness than fear. She studies me for a long moment, searching for something again.
Whatever she sees in my eyes seems to give her courage. Her expression firms as if she's made a decision.

"I'm not asking for a relationship," she says, her voice trembling and sweet. "I know you don't date or whatever. That's fine. I don't…I'm not asking to be your girlfriend."

How the fuck does she know I don't date? Did Talia tell her?

"What are you asking, Mila? What do you want from me?"

She blows out a breath.

"I want you to fuck me, Roman."

Jesus. She's said those words to me a thousand times in my fantasies, but hearing them out loud?

My mouth goes dry. My heart slams against my ribcage. For the first time in my life, I think I'm actually speechless. Lucky for me, she isn't waiting for a response, instead forging ahead, tripping over her words in a rush to get them out before she loses the nerve.

"I want the same things you said you want. I want…I want…I want to know what you feel like inside me, on top of me." She hesitates again, her lip between her teeth. "I've never done anything like this before," she whispers. "I don't know how it works, but I'm here for two weeks. We don't have to tell Talia, or anyone else. It'll be our secret."

Two weeks.

She's offering me two weeks with her. Two weeks to do every dirty thing I've ever wanted to do to her. Two weeks to hold her, to fuck her, to work her out of my system and get over whatever the fuck it is about her that makes me feel like I'm spinning out of control.

"No strings," she says, like that's a hard limit for her. "No commitments."

Yeah, her ex was a fucking idiot.

"That's what you want?" I ask, tilting my head down until my lips almost touch hers. I can smell the wine on her breath. The scent is intoxicating. I want to lean a little closer and see if it tastes as sweet on her tongue as I imagine it does. But I don't. Not yet. "You want me on you for two weeks, baby?"

"Yes," she moans.

Goddamn, what man wouldn't agree to what she's offering? Two weeks of exploring her body. Two weeks of making her scream my name. Two weeks of doing whatever the fuck I want to her while she begs me for more. But I'm not sure she knows what she's asking me for. With a bottle of wine pumping through her system, is it even possible for her to comprehend the things I want to do to her? There's nothing gentle about the way I want her. There's nothing sweet about the fucked up, kinky shit I think about showing her.

"Kiss me, Roman," she whispers.

I shouldn't, but I pull her closer anyway. My lips find hers in the quasi-darkness.

I was right. Her mouth is sweet…so fucking sweet.

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