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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Teaser Tuesday #2: Fall

On Sunday, I used six sentences from Fall. For Teaser Tuesday today, I'm giving you guys a little bit more of the story. This little scene reminds me of myself and The Husbinator. I've wanted a pet cow for a few years now, and he's refused that request for a few years now. One of his reasons is because, "if it rains or snows, you'll want to bring it inside so it doesn't get cold." I'll never admit it to him, but he's probably right. ;)

I hope you enjoy this little teaser!

           "It's so beautiful," I said. "How can you not like it?"

            "Because it's cold?"


            "It's nearly spring, Ari," he pointed out. "The Grinch stole Christmas."

            "Same thing," I said, watching as flakes drifted toward the ground.

            "You're really loving this, aren't you?" Dace asked.

            I nodded. "Everything is so soft and quiet when it snows. It doesn't even matter if it is freezing cold."

            "Unless you're a wolf.”

            "Oh!" I whipped my head in his direction "They're okay, aren't they?"

            "They're fine," he promised, squeezing my waist lightly.

            "You're sure?" I frowned, biting at my bottom lip. "Can we let them in the house if they're cold?"


            “Why not?”

            "We are not letting ten fully grown wolves into the house just because it snowed. Besides which, they wouldn't come in anyway. They're wild for a reason, love."

            "Fuki isn't fully grown," I reminded him, but didn't argue further. He was right. Fuki might have come inside, but I couldn't see the others stepping foot inside the door. Not even Buka, and she was nearly as curious as her half-grown cub.

            "Regardless," Dace said, his tone final, "they're fine. Not cold."

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