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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Sanity Vacuum by @TheaIsis! and the Questions for quIRK #bloghop

In celebration of Thea Gregory's new release, Sanity Vacuum, Thea has announced a special contest and blog hop! Yay!

To enter, you'll add your blog to the linky at the end of this post, grab the banner, and then answer one simple question.

Easy, right?!

The person with the best question will see said question featured in Thea's second novel, and will win a copy of Sanity Vacuum (via Amazon) from Courtney Worth Young. What's not to love about this? Your very own shiny new novel, and your question immortalized in print.

Here is the question:

Q: If you could ask a quIRK, the supercomputer, ANY QUESTION in the universe, what would it be? Why?

Post your question to your blog by December 12th. Thea will announce the winner on Monday, December 17th. And while you're at it, make sure to visit Thea's blog and tell her congratulations on a very successful book launch!

Sanity Vacuum Summary:

Vivian Skye just finished university, and landed a dream internship.

Not many would consider the distant and isolated Extra-Galactic Observatory cushy, but to Vivian it’s a dream come true. Hailing from the low-tech planet of Aurora, she studied for years to work on advanced quantum supercomputers. This is her chance to start a career and leave her past life behind.

Her assignment is simple: a routine upgrade for the station’s supercomputer, quIRK.

Her reception isn’t a friendly, one, and she finds that her only friend is quIRK. However, the station’s administrator, Bryce Zimmer is obsessed with quIRK—he suspects that the AI may have achieved sentience, something explicitly prohibited by the ABACUS Protocol.

Bryce’s traumatic and privileged past makes him distrust Vivian from the beginning; his jealously compels him to set Vivian and quIRK against each other. Deciding that the ends justify the means, his power-hungry sabotage threatens to consume the entire station and send them into the unknown void of intergalactic space.

Vivian must struggle to survive not only Bryce’s megalomania, but also the emerging artificial
super intelligence that is quIRK.

About the Author:

Thea writes zombie stories and science fiction. She was raised in rural Quebec, where her imagination was often her only friend, and this upbringing also engendered a fanatical love of reading and books.

Thea moved to the city at the tender age of 17 to study science, eventually majoring in physics, because physics is awesome. Her first love has always been science (fiction), and she maintains an unquenchable thirst for discovery and the unknown.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, cooking, gardening, yoga, cycling, gaming, anything Star Trek or Dune related, daydreaming, exploring, and trying new things.

Thea has two cats (Pip and Bonk), and one boyfriend (with two cats of his own), a former video game designer who moonlights as a cover artist.

You can grab a copy of Sanity Vacuum at: Amazon US | UK | DE | FR | IT | ES.

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