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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Beautiful Nothing: #Poetry of the Ragnarok Prophesies - #teasertuesday

Hello, lovelies,
For as long as I can remember, I've written poetry. I've published many of those poems over the years, including a book full of them, but despite the relevancy of some, none of those pieces have found their way to this blog yet. But FALL is currently with the B.E.E., it's Teaser Tuesday, and I think it's about dang time I remedy the lack of poetry.
So today, your teaser is a poem. Yay, right?
The poem is entitled Beautiful Nothing, and is a companion to Ari and Dace's story.
Beautiful Nothing
The world is shrouded
in the puffy almost-stillness
that speaks in
resounding whispers
of mysteries
that lie just beyond vision.
Bared and bowed branches droop
beyond the gossamer blanket
that softens all edges into ethereal beauty
and subdues even the restless
into closing eyes and listening
for the gentle eddies
and careful hums
that reach beyond the seen
and caress the edges of that realm
where dreams dance
like sugarplum faeries
and melodies play
oh so faintly
you only think you hear
the lyrical notes
that murmur so invitingly
in your ear.
They cause you to sway
as you stand
on the other side of that silent wonder
that rose up
and descended down
to cushion light
in webs so delicate
you're scared to reach out
and let your fingers close around
that magical nothing
which cocoons and shelters you
from the harshness
of living
for fear that when your hand
clenches and closes
the scene will fold in upon itself
and shatter into pieces so fine
heaven will weep and rail
at the loss of such peaceful silence
and you will have to live
with the memory
that you tried to hold forever
in the palm of your hand
only to realize that
forever was already gone
and you were the only one to blame.
So, how does that relate to Ari and Dace, you ask?
My original plan for Ari and Dace's story was for it to be one book, with Part One (FADE) connected to a poem entitled CRY, and Part Two (FALL) to this poem, and so on and so forth with FLAME, FEAR, and FOREVER. I realized about halfway into Part One (FADE) that their story was too long for one book, so I scrapped that plan and left out the poems that went along with the stories. They've been sitting in a dusty corner with a stack of notes ever since. When I pulled those notes to work on FLAME this weekend, the poems fell out, and I thought "Hmm... Maybe I should share these." And, well, there you have it.
I'll post the others a little later on. :)

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