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Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Reader Charity Selection Contest Begins SOON! #givingback #FALL

Hello, lovelies!

Last year, Curiosity Quills Press and I donated 10% of proceeds from FADE to both the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Arkansas and the March of Dimes for the first 6 months of publication.
I'm a big believer in giving back, and this year, I want YOU to help decide which charity will benefit from the release of FALL. So dust off your keyboard and tell me about your favorite charity! I can't promise I will make them rich, but I can promise I will donate 10% of what I earn from the publication of FALL for the first six months to one charity, chosen by you guys.

Here's how it works…

1. Pick your charity.
2. In 200 words or less, tell me why this charity is important to you. What do they do? How has their mission had an impact on your life?
3. Include the organizations name, website address, telephone number and/or email address, and your name in your entry. Email this information, along with your nomination, to akmorgen at akmorgen dot com between September 10th (9/10/13) and September 15th (9/15/13).
4. Please do not include logos, graphics, etc unless you have permission to do so.
5. My beta team and I will then confirm nominations by checking to ensure they're legit and meet the criteria (see below).
6. We will then select our top five based upon mission of the charity, impact, and personal identification with mission.
7. The top five will be posted to on October 1st (10/1/13) for public voting.
8. Voting will run from midnight EST on 10/1 to 11:59pm EST on 10/4.
9. The winning charity (aka that with the most votes) will be announced on FALL's release day (10/5).
10. 10% of author royalties from sales of FALL for the first 6 months of publication will be donated to the winning charity once per month from 12/13 through 5/14. In the event of a tie, the top two charities will split proceeds… 5% will be donated to each.
11. The individual who nominated the winning charity will receive an autographed copy of both FADE and FALL, as well as the honor of garnering support for one awesome charity.

So what exactly counts as a charity for this contest? Here are the particulars:

• Charities of all sizes will be accepted. However they must work to better the lives of people in the United States in some real way without regard to race, religion, political affiliation, nationality, sexual orientation, age, or gender. Notable exceptions to this rule are organizations who serve a specific group of people (ie: those that support children, the elderly, cancer foundations, or women's shelters, men's shelters, etc).
• All nominated charities must be recognized as a 501(c)(3) public charity in the United States and/or be an international organization with an operational branch or division that is designated as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization in the United States.
• Religious and political organizations will not be accepted. Neither will organizations that promote hate speech, intolerance, are discriminatory, or are otherwise deemed offensive (ie: Westboro Baptist Church).
• Likewise, those identified as having suspect or questionable business practices (see this article for examples) will not be accepted.

Now for a brief disclaimer…

My beta team and I reserve the right to disqualify any charity with a mission or practices I cannot or will not support or cannot or will not ask my readers to support. I love charities and giving back, but I can't support an organization whose values I can't honestly stand behind or ask others to stand behind.

Intimidated by all these particulars? Don't be! If you aren't sure your favorite charity qualifies, feel free to submit it. If it doesn't qualify for any reason, I promise to keep that information, and your nomination, confidential.

Remember, nominations are open from 9/10 to 9/15. And public voting runs from 10/1 to 10/4.

Now, let's pick us a charity to support! :)


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