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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kalfu #atozchallenge

K - Haitian mythology is home to so many of the creatures, practices, and legends we fear. Voodoo, mind control, zombies, evil spirits, horrible curses and hexes... Haitian mythology has it all! But Haitian mythology isn't all doom and gloom. It is also home to some very beautiful beliefs. 

Vodou Ceremony - Andre Normil
In Haitian belief, Loa (spirits) belong to one of three nations. The Rada, the Petwo, and the Guede. Guede Loa are generally associated with fertility and sexuality. Rada Loa are typically considered more benevolent spirits. And the Petwo Loa are those that tend to be more aggressive.

Granted this isn't one of those more beautiful believes, but Kalfu is the Petwo manifestation of Papa Legba (the spirit that stands at the crossroads and grants or denies permission to speak with the spirits in Guinee (the spirit world). 

Kalfu is a very powerful Loa. He is King of the Crossroads. The god of black magic. He is responsible for granting or denying access to other Loa crossing over. As a result, other Loa greatly respect (if not outright fear) him. Kalfu can cause great misfortune and devastation.

But Kalfu is also an important balancing Loa. While Legba controls the positive spirits associated with day, Kalfu controls those evil spirits associated with night. Disorder follows in his wake, true enough, but without the disorder he causes, humanity cannot grow. After all... some of the most important lessons and advances we make are those that aren't necessarily easy for us. Without a little chaos, we don't grow. 

Additionally, Kalfu is often called upon to help humans sort out their personal problems. And you have to admit... we have plenty of those. Granted, I wouldn't want to visit with him, but then again, I'm not into Haitian voodoo!  


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  1. That's really interesting. Haitian beliefs interest me, they have a wonderful balance to them. Chaos is also essential to life, without it things stagnate.

  2. Legba I've heard of, but all the rest is new to me. Interesting. Visiting via the A to Z challenge.


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