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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Utset #atozchallenge

U - In Native American mythology, Utset and Nowutset were two sisters created by Sussistinnako when he drew a cross in the Lower World and sang the sisters into creation. Utset and Nowutset created the sun, moon, and stars. The Native people came from Utset and all others from her sister, Nowutset, before Utset tore her heart out after she lost a game of riddles to Utset.

This sparked a great war in the Lower World that lasted for eight years. During the ninth year, the Lower World drowned in a primordial flood. But Utset saved her people by leading through through a reed into the Upper World.

She also carried with her a bag of stars.

One day, she asked Beetle to watch over this bag of stars so she could tend to her people, but Beetle chewed a hole in the bag. Many of the stars spilled across the sky. When Utset saw this, she abandoned her people to retrieve the stars, but there were so many of them, she didn't get very far.

Utset was so caught up with the stars, her people began to starve. When she realized this, she placed the stars that remained in the bag into the sky as the Pleiades, Orion, and the Great Bear.

She then rushed back to tend to her people. To save them, she planted pieces of her heart into the ground. Corn grew from it, thus nourishing her people and becoming an incredibly important plant to the Native people.


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