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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Get your Team Apocalypse t-shirt, and help save wolves! #charity

Big news, lovelies! 

You've read the books. You've fallen in love with the characters. Now you can share your love for Dace and Ari with the world by snagging a limited edition Team Apocalypse t-shirt. 

These tees, available from teespring, are only $15 and you can have it shipped directly to you, or you can ship it to me and I'll autograph it and ship it to you free of charge. 

Proceeds from shirt sales will go to the Defenders of Wildlife, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization working to protect and conserve wildlife (like the wolf) and wildlife habitat. So not only will you get your t-shirt, but you'll be helping save wolves like Buka and Fuki. Pretty cool, right?

I think so!

T-shirts are only available until June 19th and only 30 will be available. You will not be charged until we sell all 30 t-shirts, so spread the word so your friends can grab their shirts, too.

Reserve yours at:

Questions? Comments? Let me know! You can catch me on Twitter @AKMorgen or via email.


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