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Monday, July 28, 2014

Rogers Event Roundup and #HoustonMashup VIP Giveaway

Hello loves,

I spent the weekend at the Rogers Indie Mashup, and I cannot say enough how much fun I had! This was my first multi-author event, and I am so pleased at how well it went.

My assistant (Janett) and I spent most of Friday stuck in the traffic jam from hell on I-40. It was horrible! And, sadly enough, it wasn't even the construction that had us at a dead stop for over an hour. Two semis crawled along side by side in both damn lanes so no one could go around them before merging to go through the construction. I wanted to commit acts of horrible violence!

We pulled into Rogers late and went straight to Chuy's to meet the lovely Sharon Bayliss and her assistant for the weekend (her mom). Sharon is fantastic, you guys. She's such a lovely person. And her mom is pretty great, too. :) Janett and I had a great time at dinner. Sharon invited us out for cupcakes, and my stomach said yes, but my hip said no, so Janett and I headed to our hotel to check in.

Saturday, we were up early for the event. One of my oldest friends from high school surprised me at the signing and came to visit. I was so thrilled to see him! I met a ton of new people, sold a handful of books, gave away a ton of stuff, got a ton of swag to give away, and had a great time! The only glitch was my banner's refusal to stay on the wall. Halfway through I said screw it and didn't even attempt to hang it back up for the millionth time. Pretty minor glitch, right? Especially since the lovely models were right across from us. ;)

Janett took around a copy of FADE and one of FALL for all of the authors to sign. I will be giving them away, along with a shit-ton of swag, after the Houston mashup, so keep an eye out for that. :)

Near the end of the event, I decided I was going to make it all the way around the room to meet the rest of the authors and models come hell or high water. I snapped photos and chatted as I went. I made it! Me: 1, Hip: 0. Everyone was so sweet. I fell in love with Jordan Deen's series, so she and I made a trade, her book one for my book one. I can't wait to dive into the story. Wolves! My favorite!

Once the signing was over, we were starving! Skipping breakfast probably wasn't the best plan. We headed to JJ's Bar and Grill with Sharon and Ms. Robin for sustenance. I loved this restaurant, you guys. The food was delicious, and the menu cracked me up. My wifey, Pika, met us there. I was so excited to see her, too!

From there, we got ready and headed back to the event area for the after party! By this time, my hip was fricking killing me so I took my pain drugs and avoided the bar (sobs). I refused to miss the cover model runway show though because models, that's why. ;) They all did such a fantastic job. I had a blast cheering them on.

Shortly after, we skipped out. Janett went back to our hotel while Pika and I met up with her cousin at IHOP for pancakes. We parted ways about midnight, and I headed to the hotel to crash.

We headed home on Sunday with lots of fun memories, new friends, and ideas for the next event. Sadly, Janett won't be able to attend the Houston event with me, so I've roped SS into being my assistant for that event. Hopefully I'll be a walker lighter by then. :)

You can view the rest of the photos from the event on my Facebook page here. If you were at the event, feel free to tag/snag any pictures of you! :)

Want to join us in Houston with a free VIP ticket to the festivities? Check out the Rafflecopter below! One lucky winner will receive a free VIP ticket. VIP access to the event includes entrance to a special performance by Steffen Hughes, early admission to the signing, and admittance to the Angels and Sinners after party and cover models runway show. You could also win a ticket to the signing portion of the Houston event, or a Fade/Fall swag pack! Pretty cool, right? Winners will be announced on August 3rd (Sunday).


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