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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: Stricken

Happy Tuesday, lovelies!

I'm beat, but I wanted to get this teaser posted for you since it's been a while. This is unedited, of course. 

I also wanted to remind you not to forget the giveaway happening through Saturday. Even if you aren't planning to attend the Houston Indie Mashup, you could still win a swag pack. So, get those entries in! The details and Rafflecopter can be found in this post

* * *

Aubrey paced across Kaeden's living room, his cell phone clutched in her hand. Her aunt's voice shook on the other end of the line, words spilling from her lips in a breathless jumble. Aubrey could barely keep up.
"Wisconsin? I thought you never wanted to go back. How bad was this car accident? Are you in trouble, Aubrey? Just say…. Oh, I don't know, say ducks if you are. I'll call the police for you; tell them you've been kidnapped. Where are you?"
"Mel, I'm fine," Aubrey said when Mel broke off to take a deep breath. "I haven't been kidnapped, and I'm not being held hostage."
"Are you sure? I mean really sure, Aubrey? John called me, you know. He said your friend looked dangerous. Is he in a biker gang or something?"
Aubrey stopped pacing and pressed her forehead to the cool glass of the wall-length window, staring out into the backyard. There were no trees out there, and few plants. The entire area had been covered in concrete, with uncomfortable looking benches and target boards lining each side of the concrete lot. A practice field, Kaeden had told her when she asked. The concrete lot looked cold and uninviting to her.
"I'm sure, Aunt Mel," she said, closing her eyes. "Kaeden has been good to me. He's helping me deal with things."
Mel didn't speak for a moment and then, "I didn't even know you had a Kaeden in your life." She sounded hurt.
"He's only here temporarily. He's a part of my past, nothing more." She didn't lie, not exactly. Kaeden was part of her past in a roundabout way. A present reminder of a past she'd like to forget. She didn't have the energy to explain that to Mel though.
"There wasn't a car accident, was there? You're going back because of your dad, aren't you?"

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