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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Teaser Tuesday: FLAME (The Ragnarok Prophesies: Book Three)

Happy Tuesday, loves!

I'm slowly but surely making my way through FLAME, so I thought I'd give you another little teaser from the story. For the record, it's crazy hard to find teasers in this story that don't give away important things!

No worries though, I haven't murdered Dace or Ari yet. Though if they don't start cooperating with me soon, I may do terrible things to them out of spite. Kidding! Mostly. ;)

Dace sighed again. "I'm so sorry, Arionna."
I glanced at Fuki and blinked quickly, trying to stave off tears.
"Please tell me he's gone," I whispered.
"Yes. Geri and Kalei took care of him."
Savage satisfaction twisted through me at that. Our betrayer had paid for what he did to Buka. It wasn't nearly enough, but at least he'd paid.
"Any word on Mandy?"
"We're still looking for her."
I heard the hesitation in his voice, the half second pause before he spoke, and knew immediately what that meant. He was keeping things from me again, not telling me the whole truth. He had a bad habit of hiding what he didn't think I needed to hear. I knew he did it to protect me, but we were beyond that point now. Our friend was missing. Two others were dead. And one of ours had been responsible.
"They have her, don't they?" I asked quietly.
"Yes." Defeat wove through Dace's voice.
I squeezed my eyes closed, taking a deep breath when fear shot through me. Sköll and Hati had Mandy. And God only knew what they'd done to her, or would do to her. They were monsters – demons ripped from the pages of history and plunked down in the middle of small-town Arkansas to usher in the apocalypse. They wouldn't hesitate to kill her any more than Hati had hesitated before trying to kill me.
War had come for us... and that scared the shit out of me.


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