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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

That's YAmore Blogfest

Thanks to exit exams consuming my life, I didn't get signed up for the That's YAmore Blogfest in time, but I wanted to go ahead and post my blurb from the sidelines anyway. Since I'm unpardonably late, I only feel slightly guilty that this is a bit longer than 250 words.

I like to think I'm fairly well versed on young love. The Husbinator and I started "dating" when I was twelve. We dated on and off all through high school, moved in together when I was eighteen, and married when I was twenty. We've been married eight years next month. I cannot imagine my life without him, nor would I want to. He's my heart, and I'm his. But if there's anything you learn in a relationship, it's reality. And the reality is that love and romance aren't always sunshine and daises and skipping through the meadow, holding hands and trilling La-La-La. Sometimes love, well, sucks. So my contribution to the lovefest is a little bit of realism.

This is from Fall, Arionna and Dace's second book, and it's been slow in coming. Fall is darker in a lot of ways than Fade. Ari and Dace know who they are now, and the bond between them has become a lot stronger. Unfortunately, after everything they endured in Fade and everything still coming at them, we see them struggle a lot in this book with their feelings and the reality of their situation. It's not ever easy to be young and in love, and so it's a lot harder for Ari and Dace because not only are they new to this whole thing, but they're in this impossible, scary situation, and they have a whole lot of personal baggage coming along for the ride.

This blurb gives us a little of that struggle, but at the same time, it still has a very romantic feel to me. It's bittersweet, I think. And let's face it, y'all, a lot of the best moments in any relationship are a little bittersweet. That's just how l'amore rolls. 

"You were crying," he said suddenly, reaching out to snag me as I shuffled through the brightly lit, wood paneled kitchen.

I lost my balance and fell back against him. I steadied myself against his chest and shivered again. His shirt was freezing!

He turned me around slowly, his eyes scrutinizing my face. "Why were you crying?" It was that silky voice again, and his cold fingers stroking along my face.

A slow burn started in my lower stomach, spreading outward and warming me all over. He wasn't being fair either, apparently. He knew I couldn't think when he had his hands on me.

"I..." My body trembled as he brushed his thumbs gently along each side of my neck. I reached out to steady myself against his chest again. Naturally, my fingers fisted into his shirt. I swayed closer to him.

"Why?" he asked again, his thumbs still moving feather light across my skin.

"You were sad," I whispered, feeling his heart hammering beneath my fist. "I made you sad." The words trembled as much as my body had.

 He groaned and rested his forehead against mine. His brilliant eyes instantly filled with remorse. "You never make me sad, love."

"Don't I?" I questioned, staring into his eyes. I was fairly sure I could get lost there. They were so vibrant, so beautiful. Emerald was definitely my favorite color.

"Never." His forehead bumped against mine. "I just..." he sighed. "I can't leave you here alone, Arionna. I can't." The words were so fervent that my heart fractured again.

"You can't be with me every single minute either, Dace," I said gently. "It's just not possible."

"I know." He sighed again, his eyes falling closed. "That doesn't mean I have to like it."

I hope you enjoyed it. You will be seeing a lot more of Fall as I finish edits on Fade and start whipping this one into shape. 

Happy Valentines Day, lovelies! And don't forget... I'm still giving away books to celebrate the lovefest! You have until February 25th to enter.

L'amore รจ cieco,

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