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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Ravish: The Teplo Files Teaser #teasertuesday #adult #thriller

Hi lovelies,

I think I ran out of teasers for FALL we all need a change of pace this week. So I've skipped right past the Ragnarok tales and dug into Ravish, the first book in The Teplo Files series for your teaser this time.

The series is about drug trafficking and organized crime, which are ugly, ugly things in and of themselves. I wanted to capture that sad reality with this story, so I spent a lot of time researching all sorts of awful things to bring this story to life. I'm pretty proud of how the story turned out as a result.

Unlike most of what I post here, this series is strictly adult oriented. It's a risque crime thriller, full of sex, drugs, violence, murder, mayhem, and maybe even an explosion or two. But I hope my adult readers enjoy it anyway.

Janet poked her head into Jason's office half an hour after he sat down to his desk. "Tristan's here," she said, the hesitant way she spoke coming across as both surprised and wary at once.

"Send him in," Jason demanded, tossing the Vetrov file back on his desk.

Janet hesitated briefly in the doorway. "Warner just called."


"Miss Maddox is on the way to the emergency room and herdoorwaskickedin," she said in a rush.

"Do what?" Jason's brow rose, not sure he'd heard her right.

"Don't shoot the messenger," Janet said, "but Miss Maddox is on the way to the E.R., and someone kicked in her front door."



"Motherfucker." Jason pinched the bridge of his nose, fighting for calm. He was going to strangle Tristan. Possibly even shoot him in the kneecaps. Alexis would just have to deal with it.

"Tristan, get in here now!" he bellowed.

Janet hurried from the office without another word.

Tristan ducked in behind her, pulling the door closed. He stood rigidly, his hands in fists at his sides. He clenched his jaw so hard a muscle in his cheek jumped. Anger and something Jason refused to consider burned in Tristan's blue eyes eyes.

And then Jason saw the hand print across Tristan's cheek.

"Did you touch her?" Jason asked quietly, gripping the desk to keep himself in his seat, though he made no promises he'd stay there.

I hope you enjoyed this little teaser.


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