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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saving Missy: The Road to Recovery and How to Help #neglect #abuse

Hello, lovelies,

Not too long ago, my husband and I woke up to growling and barking from our newest rescue, Odin. When he ran to the front door, we went out with him to see what was going on. A car sped out of our driveway and disappeared down the street. Soon thereafter, we found a sweet little dog in the yard.

She approached me tentatively, and the sight broke my heart. She was in bad shape. She was emaciated and had sores and scars all over her body. Her eyes were infected, and entire portions of her body were hairless.


I went inside and got her some food. When she didn't immediately run off after eating, I called the Humane Society to let them know about her, but they didn't have room to take her. The receptionist I spoke with reluctantly suggested I call Animal Control. I didn't have the heart to do that, so my husband and I decided to keep her with us until we could find a rescue willing to take her.

We put the call out to every rescue group we knew, and did what we could for her in the meantime. We started calling her Little Miss (or Missy for short). She was very well behaved. She followed basic commands, walked on the leash, was house trained and very loving. We were happy to keep her with us until we could find her a home, but we couldn't afford another vet bill when we just paid hundreds of dollars for Odin's care, were nursing an injured cat back to health, and were paying for my physical therapy and related expenses.


Two days after we found her, we thought we found a rescue to take her. A lady from the organization came out to meet Missy. The lady said she had a foster dog that would be leaving to go to his new family in a couple of days. If we could keep Missy until he left, she'd take him to foster. We agreed with this.

The day Missy was supposed to go to her new foster home came and went with no word from the rescue or their foster home. I emailed the organization to find out what happened. The next afternoon, we received a call informing us they decided not to take her until her skin condition was treated because she could be contagious.

This was beyond discouraging. The only other rescue who had a place for her gave it to another dog when the first rescue agreed to take her. I was so upset, I cried. It wasn't fair to Missy that she'd been neglected and now no one wanted to take her because of her skin problems.

My friend Lisa from Ohio had been following along with our efforts to find a home for Little Miss. She consoled me when I cried and listened to me vent as we tried to find Missy a foster home. She came to Little Rock to visit and she fell in love with Little Miss. Little Miss fell in love with her, too.

Lisa had extra money saved up, and decided to use it by taking Missy to the vet. We learned what we thought was the extent of her problems. She had bacterial dermatitis that had gone untreated so long it resulted in all those sores and scars, an infection in her eye, worms, possibly Lyme disease, and was seriously malnourished. The vet started her on antibiotics, a special shampoo to help heal her wounds, medication for hookworms, and a heart worm medication.


Over the course of the next few days, Lisa decided to adopt Missy. We were all thrilled. Lisa would make a great mommy for Missy, and Missy would make a great pet for Lisa.

They left for Ohio a few days later. Lisa's regular vet saw Missy when they got home, and agreed with the initial treatment our vet began with few modifications.

Everything was progressing great, and then last week, Lisa fractured her heel. She's now in a boot cast and may require surgery.

This weekend, with Missy's skin condition beginning to clear, Lisa was finally able to really get an idea of what sort of scars she would have when all was said and done. But she didn't expect to find a tumor underneath all the damage to Missy's skin.

They went back to the vet yesterday, only for the vet to confirm that Missy has a tumor on her leg that will impede her ability to walk and potentially cost her life if it's not removed. Missy will undergo surgery on the 19th.

We are heartbroken, but no one more so than Lisa. While she's only had Missy for a short while, Missy has become her baby. Lisa has nursed her back from some pretty awful neglect, and really made a home for her.

After everything this poor dog has already been through, she's now facing surgery, which the vet estimates will cost $1300.00, plus related care which pushes the total close to $2000.00.

Lisa is understandably scared. Which of us wouldn't be when told a pet has a tumor and needs an expensive surgery?

Which is why I'm writing now.

Lisa saw past Missy's sores and scars and did something extraordinary by giving this neglected girl a forever home. Most dogs like Missy are shooed away until they eventually find themselves picked up by Animal Services and put down. They're given a life sentence for a treatable condition, one that could have been prevented with proper care.

Lisa gave Missy a home, now she needs our help to ensure Missy continues to get the care she deserves.

One person alone finding an additional two thousand dollars for treatment is overwhelming. For an entire community, it can be as simple as each of us giving up one cup of coffee or one meal out this week. That's not nearly as difficult, so I'm asking you guys to join me in helping Lisa and Missy by donating a few dollars to help cover the cost of Missy's surgery.
You can view Missy's page and make a donation here.
In the coming days, we'll be coming up with a list of rewards for donors -- like the opportunity to name a special character who will appear in FLAME, FEAR, and FOREVER. If you have something you'd like to donate as a prize, please let us know by posting a comment below.
And if you can't help, that's okay too. :)
Please just remember Missy's story, and  help prevent others from suffering by making a point to report any suspected animal abuse or neglect to the Humane Society or the authorities.



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