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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Book Signings, Haunted Houses, and NaNo, Oh my!

*waves madly*

Hello, lovelies! We're almost through the first week of NaNo and I think I'm on track to finish. Notice I said I think. I'm too lazy to look it up and see if I'm on schedule or not. But I think I am, so I'm cool with my choice to continue being lazy instead of confirming. It's Wednesday, sue me.

My first book signing is this Saturday. I'm crazy nervous, and oh so excited. I get to sip hot chocolate  and chit chat with my favorite people (you guys!) for 2 hours. I can totally do that. If you're in the Little Rock area, swing by. I'll be at Starbucks on University Avenue (behind IHOP, across from the mall) from 2-4 with books, bookmarks, and pretty pictures I can sign for you. You can also enter to win one of two fabulous Fall swag bags (technically, they're baskets, but swag bag flows so much better than swag bucket) the day of the event. If you aren't there when the winner is announced, no worries. I will hunt you down! Mwahahaha. Kidding. Kinda. You'd make my job easier and less stalkery sounding if you'd be so kind as to leave an email address, phone number, or carrier pigeon landing station location so I can contact you if you win. :)

The husband continues to improve. He's back at work (finally!) and driving everyone else insane. Which worked out great with NaNo and all. But we're not telling him I said that, mmkay?

I've been forced into wearing a stupid splint at night. Which, I guess, is what happens when you quit physical therapy after dislocating a hip. Who knew? Seriously though... with SS in such bad shape, I didn't have time to go to physical therapy. I'm paying for it now. This splint is the freaking devil. Boo. Hiss.

The Keeper and the kiddos came down last weekend so we could go to the Old Mill for pictures. Despite the sun doing its absolute best to ruin every single shot, we got some great pictures. Before we did that though, we took the kids to a haunted house.

Before you lynch me, let me just say that my sister's kids are fearless. Except for Kai. He's my little partner because, like me, he's scared of everything. Even things normal people wouldn't think to be scared about. I'm sure spending so much time with me has caused him to catch my neurotic tendencies. Those things are contagious!

But anyway. He was all, "Haunted house? Psh. I got this." so we went. Let me just say... he did not "got this". He freaked. Little Princess screamed like a crazy person. Losh, naturally, thought the whole thing was hysterical, particularly the parts where his brother and sister screamed (aka the entire way through). The loud horn bugged him until one of the ghost guys walked up and let him push the button that operated the horn. After that, he had the best night ever.

It was the most bizarre trip through a Haunted House ever. The ghosts all wanted to talk to us! And by us, I mean Losh. Because we're not nearly as awesome as he is. Obviously.

Anyway, we survived, and Kai promptly swore off ever going to another haunted house EVER again. Abby hated everything about it. And the Keeper, SS, Losh, and I laughed a lot harder than we probably should have at their expense. Abby and Kai eventually forgave us, and fun memories were made by all.

I've spent the rest of the month dutifully editing Ravished and writing FLAME. I'm happy with my progress thus far. I've been informed that working on both is cheating, but considering Ravished is 150k and FLAME will likely end up at about 95-100k... I don't feel too guilty. The point is to blow off real life and write 50k words in a month, right?


I hope NaNo is breezing by for those of you participating. And if not, don't give up just yet. You still have all sorts of time to get to that 50k, or as close as you can. The real fun is the journey!


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