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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shattered - #sixsunday

Hoppy Easter, y'all!

I hope you're all having an amazing morning, and the E. Bunny has brought you plenty of Peeps and jelly beans! I've got another six for you from Shattered this week. It picks up with our mystery girl where we left off last week.


"Good luck on your exam," Ainsley said to him, her voice carrying through the quiet quad and right to the girl’s ears. 

"Thanks, hermosa." Xander’s voice was soft and silky as the endearment rolled off his tongue. It made the girl’s stomach turn.

"We'll tell Mya this week, and everything will be fine."

The girl had to bite her tongue to keep from laughing out loud at his confident statement.

Methinks she's up to no good! And what are these two keeping from Mya?!

Don't forget the Hoppy Easter Blog Hop Contest! Share your favorite childhood memory in the comments here by 11:59pm CT tonight, and you could a copy of Fade when it's released! :)

Happy Easter, all!


  1. Very intriguing! Great six :)

  2. Uh-oh, sounds like the girl might use this for her own ends. Intriguing 6!

  3. Hmmmmmm.... eeeeterrrestink!
    - Bella


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