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Friday, October 26, 2012

Howloween Confessions of a Coward #bloghop

I have a confession to make. I'm afraid of everything.

I run from spiders. I don't go out alone after dark. I always check the backseat of my car before I get into it. I never accept candy from strangers. I can't watch scary movies at all. And I'm pretty sure the evil ninja racoon living in my backyard is plotting my murder. The squirrels are probably helping him.

That's right, I'm a big coward.

I'm also completely hopeless.

I lock myself and the dogs outside. I can't change a flat tire to save my life. I refuse to go within ten feet of a spider. I'm not above sitting on the counter and waiting for someone to come and deal with anything that creeps, crawls, or otherwise looks like it might eat me. I'm more likely to cause a riot than a bunch of angry hockey fans. And if it causes trouble, I'm bound to find it.

But this is okay with me. I've learned that you've gotta work with what you've got. And I've got the heart of a bunny rabbit being chased by a wolf. Lucky for me, I have my alpha male to keep me safe. And let's just say, it's a good thing he's got rescuing me down to a fine art because I seem to require it a lot.

Oddly enough though, despite my fear of everything, Halloween is my favorite holiday. The costumes, the candy, the cute decorations... I love it all. Except the entire being scared part.

Somehow though, I manage to let my husband convince me to go to a haunted house with him every year. And every year, it ends the same. I cling to him for dear life, eyes firmly shut, while he leads me through the entire production, warning everyone in a costume not to even think about jumping out to scare me.

He's 6'8", 290 pounds of towering authority, so they tend to heed his warnings.

Once we survive the terror and are safely on the way home, I have to confess that I saw absolutely nothing and he gets to laugh at me. I grumble and pretend I think he's a jerk, but really, I'm secretly in awe of him. Because despite his teasing, he can keep up with me like no one else.

I know that no matter what crazy things I do to drive him insane, he'll still put the fear of God into haunted house actors all across the land just so no one jumps out to scare me. And I know that the next time I call him in a panic because there's a bug staring at me, he'll come home on his lunch break to capture and release it for me without making me explain why he's not allowed to kill it.

In this day and age, women are supposed to be all about rescuing themselves, but having come to accept the fact that I have been and always will be a chicken who needs adult supervision at all times, I'm not afraid to say I find it sexy as hell when a man is up to the task of keeping me in line. Not all of us are self-rescuing princesses. Some of us are more likely to burn the house down trying to rescue ourselves.

Everyone says we should be embarrassed to admit that.


I say embrace it.

We might not survive the zombie apocalypse or lead a rag-tag band of survivors to safety, but the world needs us. We keep things interesting. We keep our men on their toes. And we make sure they always have something to do to make them feel big, powerful, and useful. There's nothing wrong with that. Especially when it comes to the gory, ghostly, and downright creepy that makes Howloween such a fun time for our alpha males.

What about you? Are you the self-rescuing type, or are you more likely to burn the house down trying?

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This post is part of the Howloween Blog Hop. Check out other participants and win great prizes here.


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  1. Smoke clouds float in my house quite often as I'm burning the house down. I like for my man to open a door for me, to treat me like a fragile flower. I save spiders however, by putting themm outside when I find one in the house. Yeah, I'm weird that way.

    Thanks for your fun post and the giveaway. Happy Halloween.

  2. Thanks for doing the hop!

  3. I don't know if I'm a rescuer or a rescuee, but I've never started a fire in the kitchen. :)

  4. Spiders I can take though I prefer not to have them around but don't put a snake near me and I am running for cover. I am not good in Haunted Houses either LOL.


  5. I'm absolutely the self-rescuing type, although I have been known to scream if startled by a creepy-crawlie. I love that your hubby accepts your wishes and doesn't tease you about things that frighten you. That's so sweet! :-)

  6. I think I'm definitely a rescuee when I'm scared. I want someone to come handle the spider for me. On the flip side though, I don't scare easily. Spiders and clowns freak me out, but most other everyday things I'm okay with. It definitely sounds like your husband is a keeper.

    JYL22075 at gmail dot com

  7. I try to rescue doesn't always end up the best thing to do though lol and I will admit if I see a snake I call my dad and my uncle while screaming and running in the opposite direction (this has happened just a few months ago) :)
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  8. Thanks for joining the hop!

  9. Happy Halloween!! Thank you so much for the awesome hop and giveaway! :)

  10. I am a self-rescuer most of the time, but not because society dictates I should be. It's just who I am, just like you are who you are. Bless us, thank goodness we are all unique individuals! Hope your Howlaween is just a dash of spooky, but mostly fun!


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