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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meet @theCLParker: Supernova Saga Author

Please welcome our second participating Pitch Contest author, C.L. Parker. C.L. has generously offered to gift our grand prize winner with an hour long live plot session via instant message, where she'll offer advice, answer questions, and likely keep you laughing. C.L. Parker is the author of the Supernova Saga (Supernova, Nexus, and Cataclysm), and is signed with The Writer's Coffee Shop Publishing House

The Supernova Saga is a paranormal romance about destiny, free will, and fate. Our tale begins when Kerrigan Cruz comes into her gift of the Light. The Light has been handed down from generation to generation of members from chosen bloodlines - Guardians of the Light. The Guardians are responsible for ensuring our right to choose our own path in life from those who wish to alter it for their own design.

Follow Kerrigan as she meets a handsome stranger with a secret of his own, Dominic Grayson. Together, Kerrigan and Dominic will battle to protect those they love, while finding an undeniable love of their own.

If you know C.L, you know how hysterical she is. In the time I've known her, she's never ceased to amaze me with her passion, her sense of humor, and her ability to make me sweat with the delicious things she writes. The woman has a gift for naughty, and an eye for gorgeous men.

Check out what C.L. had to say!
I’m a paranormal romance author who writes smut, smokes like a cowboy, drinks Patron Silver like a fish, and cusses like a sailor. I love hard, laugh until it hurts, and live like there’s no tomorrow. In my world, everything truly does happen for a reason.

If someone wrote a biography about you, what would the title be?

C.L. Parker: Keeping it Real

You just made the newspaper! What did you do?!

I probably kidnapped Jensen Ackles and held him prisoner in my bed.

In high school you were most likely to ....

Join the circus

Tell us about your publishing credits. Have you won any awards?

The third and final installment of my Supernova Saga, Nexus, has just been released. Supernova and Cataclysm preceded that. No awards that I know of.

Where else can readers find you?

Facebook: theclparker
Twitter: @theclparker
Goodreads: CL Parker
Thanks so much for participating, C.L.!
Don't forget you can grab your copies of Supernova, Cataclysm, and Nexus on Amazon now.

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