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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

#Teaser Tuesday: Call Your Name (My @Fandom4Preemies Short Story)

It's time for another round of Teaser Tuesday. This week, I'm giving you a little teaser from Call Your Name, my Fandom for Preemies short story. This teaser is PG rated (one instance of language), but the story itself is rated M. I know, bad YA author. But sometimes you just have to write what comes.


Lily spun around and threw the door open wide.

"Noa-!" Her shout died on her lips as she caught sight of him, still standing on her porch with one hand clutched in his hair. He was breathing hard, as if he'd run around the block twice in the five minutes she'd been debating with herself. He hadn't moved though. Not one step.

"Noa-" She started again.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean it the way it came out."

Lily froze, his words ripping through her. He hadn't meant it. The realization crushed her, mangling her heart. Unbidden tears burned at her eyes. She sucked in a breath to fight them back. "It's fine."

"Lily-" Noah's face fell. "Lily, I-"

Here it comes, she thought. The "you're a great friend, but" speech. She couldn't stand here and listen to that speech. Not coming from Noah. Not tonight.

"It's fine, Noah," she said again, trying to find the ability to smile at him or laugh off the entire situation. So he called her beautiful. So what? Didn't mean he wanted her like she did him.

"You don't owe me an explanation. We're friends." She turned toward the door, ready to flee before the tears in her eyes gave away that lie for what it was. Noah wasn't just a friend to her.

"Screw that. We're not friends."

Lily spun toward him again. "Wha-"

"I've been falling for you for four fucking months, Lily," Noah whispered, his voice as ragged as it'd been in the restaurant. The expression on his face burned through her. He looked wrecked, haunted. "Tell me you don't feel the same way. Tell me that you feel nothing for me, and I swear I'll drop this if that's what you want. But I swear I didn't just say that to get you to sleep with me. Just . . . tell me I don't have a shot. Please."

* * *

If you want to read the rest of the story, it will be included in the Fandom for Preemies Compilation along with a chapter of Fall (The Ragnarok Prophesies: Book Two) and stories from authors far and wide. All you have to do is donate a minimum of $5 to the March of Dimes by November 30th, 2012, and forward your confirmation email (minus personal information) to For more information, please visit:

Easy, right?


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